Mistakes I Have Made When I Started Programming I Wish I Knew Them.

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2 years ago I decided to start making games (in unity) & this was my portal to the world of programming & software engineering, since that moment I have learned a lot, from a guy that doesn’t know what does the ‘return’ keyword or a ‘for’ loop mean to a guy who made a lot of games and made his own game engine in java, even though I have learned a lot but there are some mistakes if I had avoided them I was able to speed up my learning process so much & I could have learned more, so I’m here to tell you about these mistakes so you can avoid them & be more productive & effective with your learning process.

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1. Not Understanding The Basic Really Well :

when you’re just starting with programming it doesn’t really matter which programming language you should use because you’ll learn other programming languages as well, but what you should really focus on when you’re just starting is to learn the fundamentals of programming like you should understand well: variables, loops, function, data structures, classes, interfaces, OOP (object-oriented programming), learn just the basic, be an expert at them, then move to more advanced stuff because if you didn't learn the basic well you’ll get stuck when you’re continuing with your learning process & it will cause that you’ll be stuck in “The Tutorials Hell”.

2. Not Having A Problem Solving Mindset :

one of the best things I learned from programming is problem-solving, it’s that fun process of breaking big problems into smaller ones then solving them logically & effectively, problem-solving is one of the skills that you should spend more time developing, for example, let’s assume that you’re trying to make a login system for your website and you had never tried that before, so instead of just going and googling “How To Make A Login System” (and this is a very bad practice of just googling things without thinking about the problem and breaking it out) you should first go and think how you can divide this problem into small problems, let’s say that you should first get the input from the user, then maybe somehow you should send this data into a server & maybe somehow you should process these data and store them on something like SQL database, now if you can break down these small problems into smaller ones and so far, after doing that you’ll be able to solve them easily & you’ll speed up your workflow

3. Not Writing Comments & Not Organizing Your Project :

if you’re working on a small project (less than 2000 lines of code) this might not seem like a problem you should care about, but when you’re or you’ll be working on bigger projects or working with teams this will be a huge problem, adding a new feature to your project will be a nightmare & sometimes even changing one line of code will break the entire program, you’ll spend weeks just refactoring & debugging your code instead of working on new things, so please before you start any new project please think about how you should structure your project use a whiteboard or paper & think, draw, put your ideas into the paper or the board &organize them, it’s okay if you changed the structure later, man you can’t believe the amount of work & time this small step will save you, also the board or paper method will help clear you mind & ideas, When you’re coding also never forget to write comments (you should learn how to write comments effectively) this will make it easier to you & other people to come later and change it.

4. Working On Small Projects Only :

when you’re just starting programming or you’re learning a new language, it’s good to do some cool small projects like tic tac toe, snake game, or algorithms visualization (this one might be a bit advanced one but it’s still a small project), But when you understand the basic well, some more advanced stuff & work on some small projects, you should take a big step & work on bigger projects, Maybe try to contribute on open source projects, if you’re game developer work on 2 to 5 months game If you have an app idea, website idea or any kind of ideas that could be made just make & don’t be afraid of not having enough skills, don’t wait until you’ll be an expert in the language to do that because you’ll never improve your skills if you didn’t work on big projects, so working on open source projects & big projects is the best way to learn, & when I say big projects I don’t mean like you should make the next Unreal Engine or building a better version of Window or Mac, I only mean that you should work on 1 month or more projects.

5. Not Reading Open Source Code :

One of the best ways to learn to code is by reading open source code, this will make you able to work with a team or any company, where you have to work on a codebase that you might have never worked on it, also it’ll improve your coding skills by seeing how other programmer writes them & you’ll find a better way to write your own code.

There are more mistakes that I’m gonna talk about them in the next blog “In Sha Allah” so please don’t forget to check out my Twitter & leave a comment sharing with us your opinion about this article.



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